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What is the turn-around time for a suit?
It takes about 4 to 6 weeks after the first fitting. We will notify you as soon as your garment is ready for your fitting. Depending on how busy we are, orders may be expedited for an additional fee (25% of the total price). The minimum turn-around time is 3 weeks with an urgent order fee.
What is our service process?
The full process can be found here - How it works.
What is the turn-around time for a shirt?
3-4 weeks. If ordered together with suits, it will be the same finishing time as your suits without request.
What fabrics do we have for suits?
From wool blend to pure wool, including super 100 to super 120 made from Australian Merino Wool. We also carry some premium Italian Super 130-180 which comes with a range of colours, patterns and styles.
What fabrics do we have for shirts
We mainly make shirts from 100% cotton fabric.
What if my suit doesn't fit well?
We will examine the fitting of your suits or shirts at your final fitting. If anything needs to be altered, we will take care of it.The alteration process varies based on each garment. It may take a few days upto a few weeks. We only perform reasonable alterations. We do not cover the alteration if the measurements were insisted by clients.
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