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We have made high fashion staff uniforms for Marais Melbourne. Standard Business Suits for various companies and organisations.

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We spend the same amount of time on measuring and the same custom making process for every order. We do not compromise the quality of our products regardless the order size. We do not produce cheap suits or shirts. If you are looking for cheap products, please do not bother to contact us. This might be harsh to say to our potential clients, but we always focus on growing our brand in a long run.
We accept Men's Suits order in any quantity. For women's suits, we do not accept group orders (apart from all clients are around similar body sizes.). You will need to contact us individually . As the difference in body shapes and sizes of women, a universal style and fit is fairly difficult to achieve. We mostly tailor women's suit on an individual basis. A better deal can be worked out if order size is greater than 20 suits or 50 shirts.
 Corporate uniforms

Corporate Uniforms

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