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Custom Made Women's Suits | Shirts | Tuxedos

December Rush Women

Custom Made Women's Suits

For All Shapes Sizes and Styles

December Rush has been providing made to measure suits and shirts services since 2013. We make women's suits, shirts and tuxedos according to individual measurements and style requirements. To achieve a perfect fit, we carefully take over 30 body measurements for each suit made. Our customers love our featured fitting service-- it is relaxing, informative and personalized. For new customers, we are here to assist and guide you through each step towards your perfect fit suits and shirts. December Rush make quality suits affordable.
We have made thousands of suits and shirts for our clients with all different body shapes and catered a great range of styles. We love to go for the extra mile to see big smiles from our clients. We strive to nurture a long term relationship with our clients. We understand what our clients' desires are when it comes to custom made women's suits, tuxedos and shirts. We deeply appreciate that our clients come back to us, to reorder again and again. Without all these supports, we would not be able to go through the pandemic. The best part is December Rush is still here, better and stronger.
When we first started off, we made womens suits as well as men's suits. We understand suits from all aspects, which really helped with the make of our women's business suits and wedding suits. As we have been focusing on quality control and perfecting our fitting services, we haven't been working on promoting our business to you. Our clients said we are the hidden gem of Melbourne. Our business has grown organically for the past 10 years as a well kept secret. We found we had made more women's suits and shirts just after a few months in business and "the market chose us" to solely work on women's suits, shirts and weddings. We still make men's suits and shirts, but only for our existing clients' reorders and referrals. 10 years passed, we still do the same work--December Rush, make quality suits affordable.

Why choose us?

Enjoyable Fitting Experience
Our fitting service takes about 60 minutes for every women's suit. We ensure that every detail of a suit or shirt is fully addressed and every body measurement is precisely taken. Our fitting service is free with any suits purchase.
Worry Free Post-Purchase Experience
At December Rush, we promote worry free Post-Purchase experience. We provide free alterations to all our women's custom made suits and shirts. We also provide free repairments for our products where possible. A good rotation is always recommended.
Catering for styles
December Rush Tailored Women's Suits and Shirts offers a wide range of designs. We make women's business suits, tuxedos, shirts, waistcoats, suit pants and skirts. Regardless it is a basic 2 piece black business suit or a fully custom designed white tuxedo.

What People Say?

Trying to buy my first business suit, I felt absolutely reassured by Giselle’s careful attention to detail – both in measuring me up and making sure I was happy with all aspects of the design. She listened to my explanation of what I wanted, but also provided advice that prevented me from making wrong decisions. The suit is a delight to wear.

Katya, Melbourne.

I was very pleased with the service provided by Giselle. It proved cheaper to fly from Adelaide to Melbourne for my initial fitting, than to get a suit locally made. Giselle patiently talked me through the different options to best enhance my suit’s appearance, and despite my being on the short and fat side, I now have something in which I feel much more professional at work. 2 piece pants suit and 4 shirts.

Naomi, Adelaide.

I needed a female tuxedo made for my brothers wedding. Giselle did an amazing job with my suit. She spent quality time to ensure all my measurements were correct. She displayed excellent attention to detail, and provided all the right advice around fabric and was extremely knowledgeable around styles and cuts. Thanks!

Ashlee, Melbourne.

I have been very impressed with Giselle’s professionalism and fitting expertise. I had a ladies 2 piece dinner suit and three shirts made to order. The fit for all was was exceptional. I recently wore the dinner suit on a formal cruise evening and received many compliments on the fit and quality of the suit. I will definitely be using December Rush for all my future formal and business attire from now on. Giselle was a pleasure to deal with and her fashion advice was most welcome!

Keryn, Melbourne.

Our Custom Made Services

Personalized, Informative, Friendly


Book in for an initial fitting which takes about 60mins or a free consultation 30 mins to 45mins (weddings), if you require more information before a fitting. We offer second fittings to clients who order from our premium range. Second fittings are also added to certain body shapes and sizes, as well as special designs.


A final fitting takes place once all previous fittings are completed. Customers will take their freshly made suits and shirts home. If any adjustments need to be made, we will look after it. December Rush provides free alterations for all our custom made range products. Customer satisfaction is what we strive for. December Rush is proud of, the great quality, the best value and genuine service.

Turnaround Time

Our standard turnaround time is about 4-7 weeks for suits and shirts. For urgent orders, please email us to discuss. We charge extras on urgent orders, depending on the required timeframe. For wedding suits and tuxedos, they generally take longer. Shirts are normally 3 to 4 weeks.

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We will walk you through each step towards your perfect fit suits, shirts and tuxedos.