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Women's Shirts

December Rush custom make women's shirts

Custom Made Women's Shirts

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From white, blue, pink herringbone, classic checks, stripes, solid blue, purple, pink to elegant navy satin stripes, we offer a great range of fabrics for you to choose from.Whether it is a classic white shirt or a stylish purple herringbone, you will have the guarantee from us for a perfect-fit business shirt.
What can be customized for A Ladies shirt? We are not just talking about your individual measurements. You will be able to select your desired collar design, cuff style, pockets and fitting styles. Our measuring service for custom made shirts takes about 30 to 40 minutes.
At December Rush, we make Business Suits, Tuxedos and Shirts that you will wear comfortably and confidently. We provide free alterations to all our custom made suits and shirts to achieve the best fitting for our clients. We appreciate your trust and we are here to offer you our real value.
For women's custom made shirts, the turnaround time is around 3 weeks. Urgent shirts services are available, please contact us to find out more.

What People Say?

I love my new suit and shirt, they are, the fabrics are light and breathable, the suit is just so well made and comfortable, the stitching is refined and the fit is perfect. This is my first bespoke suit, Giselle made the process very easy and pleasant. I am now planning another suit in a different color and looking forward to my next purchase from December Rush.

— Kate Zizys

I’ve had two suits made by December Rush and two shirts. All of which fit perfectly and the quality is outstanding. Giselle’s attention to detail and customer service were fantastic. Highly recommend!

— Kristy

I had a few shirts and skirts made up from Giselle. I was so impressed and happy with the final products, they look amazing. Giselle was so helpful with helping me make a decision on the kind of colour of fabric to choose. She went out of her way to hold the fabric against my skin, even stepping outside to see how the fabric would look in natural light. She is amazing and a real pleasure to have dealt with. I would most definitely recommend her services without a doubt. She is very professional, polite and friendly in the way she approaches her work. She even went out of her way to organise the items to be delivered to me and it was done in a matter of a few days. Thanks Giselle!

— Gabriella

Service Process

Our custom made women's suits and shirts service process is in 3 simple steps. The best thing to do is to Email us to schedule a fitting and get the process started.

Please feel free to book in a free consultation if you are not clear about our services, we would be glad to walk you through our process and address all your concerns.

Email us to schedule an appointment
It could be a consultation appointment, it could be a fitting straight away, it also could be a consultation plus a fitting appointment which could take up to 1 hour. Please let us know how you would like to go. If you order shirts along with suits order, they will be fitted together and made in the same time.
We provide an initial fitting, a second fitting which is invidual based (optional), and a final fitting. Half payment is required once an initial fitting is done. At an initial fitting, we will go through the design of the the shirt and fabric selection. Second fittings are optional, but sometimes a must for certain clients after special designs or particular body shapes and sizes and wedding shirts.
Pay and take the finished garment home
After an initial fitting and sometimes a second fitting, a final fitting is the last step. A reminder of the payment is also required before a final fitting, or after a second fitting. Once a final fitting is conducted, you will be able to bring the finished products home. If any alterations are required, we will look after them. Please allow more fitting sessions accordingly.
Fine Print You Must Know
*We charge for initial fittings if an order is not successfully placed, however a fitting has taken place. This case is extremely rare, in which you will be charged on the spot. $100 per hour base. We always make sure our clients are ready to do a fitting. You will be properly informed and upon your agreement, a fitting session starts.
*The initial fitting service takes about 60 minutes. Please allow extra time for discussion. It's strongly advised that you dress in your best fit shirts, pants and matched shoes for this fitting.
*We have a wide range of fabrics. You will find the piece of fabric that suits your taste and your budget. We mainly carry 100% Pure Wool range from super 100 to super 160.
*For your convenience, any time from 10am to 4pm Tuesday to Saturday can be booked for a fitting.
*Normally it takes about 4 to 6 weeks, your custom made suits or (3 to 4 weeks) shirts to be ready for your final fittings.
*To cancel a fitting appointment or a consultation, 24 hour notice is required. A no show fee may apply. We respect each other's time.
* We accept bank transfers, Debit cards, Credit cards and Cash. Bank transfer is our preferred payment method.

Want to schedule an appointment

Whether it is a free consultation or a fitting service, send us an email. We reply emails within 24 hours.