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More about December Rush Tailored Suits Services and Pricing

December Rush Bespoke Suits Melbourne is a well established tailor-garment service provider. December Rush will make your journey of finding your perfect-fit suits so much easier and simpler. You will be looked after by our delicate staff from your first enquiry. From selecting the right fabric to taking over 24 measurements for every suits , our mission is to make your tailored suits a perfect fit for you. We always make sure that our services are affordable to everyone and also with the great tailor-made quality you will love about.

Our clients describe December Rush Suits as “can not fit better”. We simply enjoy the satisfaction from our customers when they try on their first set of suits from us. The signature slim waist cut of December Rush Suits makes our suits stand-out from all other tailor-made suits. Not only is it a perfect-fit, but also gives you the style you have long wanted. At December Rush, we are very experienced with customers who haven't had tailor-made suits before. We are here to help you and guide you through every step towards your perfect-fit suits. December Rush is a Melbourne based business, therefore you will enjoy our free measuring service.

Why should you choose December Rush Melbourne for your tailored suits and shirts ?

--You don't trust any online tailors and you don't like the big price tags on traditional bespoke suits. Choose us, you will have the quality tailor-made suits with a price tag you love about. You will also be able to make more knowledgeable and informed buying decisions. We will answer all your questions, concerns and look after your orders from your first Email Enquiry.

-First time suits buyer ( Sign up our Special Deal List, to get our great-value first time buyer discount), specially for everyday workwear, attending job interviews, business events, special occasions such as weddings as well as spring racing carnival.

-Love to have a suits wardrobe that consists of stylish and quality suits for different seasons and occasions without big price tags.

-Special requirements for your desired styles or fitting your body shape. We also provide a second fitting which is a distinguish procedure of traditional bespoke suits for extreme body shapes such as an extreme muscular figure that results from extensive work out. We will make sure your first suits from December Rush are a “can not fit better”, then for your reorders, simply pick the fabric and enjoy the perfect-fit over and over again.

-Looking for an affordable while decent set of tailor made suits.

Now, December Rush is perfect for you. We are not any random online business. You will find out that our suits and shirts have a better cut that contour your figure and are constructed with quality fabrics and inter materials. We provide free measure service to all our clients based in Melbourne, Ballarat, Bendigo and Geelong. At December Rush, we proudly make every set of suits half canvassed which provides much greater value than those who make poor quality fused suits at a similar price range.

Great quality and great value-we are your trustworthy tailoring service provider

We are here for you all the time. From taking your measurement to the final fitting, if you have any questions or changes like to make, we are here to talk to. What if the finished garment doesn't fit you perfectly, we will alter it for you. You don't need to worry a thing. For the worst scenario, we will remake it without any extra cost from you. This is our promise from December Rush Tailor-Made Mens and Womens Suits.

December Rush Suits Melbourne is growing fast and we deeply understand how important satisfied customers are to our business and we always appreciate the opportunities you give us to provide something that with great value back to you-our valued customers.