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December Rush Review

From our valued customers

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Having used a number of online tailoring outfits, I’ve learned the hard way that fit is without doubt the most important part of making a suit. You can get the highest quality wool, all the skills of a master tailor, and still end up with a terrible looking suit if the fitting is off.
Giselle from December Rush does a superb job of getting the fit just RIGHT. I found her friendly, meticulous and highly knowledgeable, and she was accommodating of custom details I requested.
I ordered a 3-piece tuxedo and shirt from Giselle and couldn’t be happier with the result. With all the customisations I requested, it wasn’t an easy job either (something she was willing to admit ;) but I couldn’t be happier with the end product.
My order included: Wingtip collar with stud holes instead of buttons; Black pure wool tuxedo with shawl lapels, surgeon cuffs, besom pockets, satin buttons, bemberg lining, and functional boutonniere; Matching black pants with side adjusters; Grey Double breasted waistcoat with shawl lapels and satin buttons
I was really impressed to find all 4 pieces fit perfectly! The cuffs required slight adjustment (I prefer them a little shorter to show some cufflink) but this was more due to personal preference than tailoring error. I noticed a slight imperfection with the shirt, but this was promptly corrected by her tailors.
If you’re in the market for a new suit, don’t just head to the nearest department store or Hugo Boss outlet… Give December Rush a try – you’ll end up with a better fitting, higher quality product at a much better price!

Jordan L   Suits